Wireless Safety With Securus Technologies

The company, Securus Technologies is always making the public safer. They are experts at what they do, and they want the people to know what they are all about. The company is inviting them to their business in Dallas, TX. While they are they are there, they will experience a tour and presentation, in which they will learn about what all the company is working on. It will prove to be both interesting and educational for everyone. They are always working on something that will make it safer for all people in all situations. Since they do this on a regular basis, they are known all over the world for their efforts in the field and their achievements that they complete all the time.


Securus Technologies just completed a big project for use at the correctional facilities around the country. The technology is called the Wireless Containment Solution. With the Wireless Containment Solution, they will be able to stop crime before it even starts in the facilities when the inmates and prisoners use their cell phones to connect with other criminals on the outside in order to commit crimes. The technology can stop them right away.


Other companies tried to make something similar, but weren’t able to complete theirs because they lacked the knowledge to.


Securus Technologies will continue to lead the public safety field because of their ability to work in the civil and criminal sectors of justice.  The government calls upon them for help in their correctional units all the time. Since they deal with over a million prisoners at a time, they use monitoring, investigating and videotaping techniques to control the safety in the environment. In the future, they will continue to develop new and unique technologies to help make the world a safer place. Because of their dedication and respect their field, they will continue to lead it for many years to come.



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