Who is Dr. Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall is an entrepreneur, is a scientist, is a doctor and is an author. He just so happens to be the founder for one of the top cancer research facilities in the world. This facility is known as Seattle Genetics, and it has revolutionized the cancer research community. Dr. Siegall’s role at Seattle Genetics can’t be narrowed down to one thing. This man is a guru, especially when it comes to this subject. His dedication and perseverance has helped to guide this biotech company to the top of the ranks. He became interested in cancer research while studying zoology in college. A close family member of his became very sick and the treatments that he was taking almost killed him. Chemotherapy was the culprit and Siegall decided to give his full-attention to a subject that could saves lives.

Fast-forward to today and Dr. Siegall has saved plenty of lives. One of his first major job positions was being a senior researcher with the affluent Bristol Myers Squibb. Though he was making a good amount of money, Siegall felt that this wasn’t the role that he wanted to take. “I’d be lying if a said that money didn’t play a role in choosing my profession,” said Siegall. By owning the patents of your products, a high-majority of kickbacks will be coming right back to the owner. By 1998, Siegall was ready to start his own company, and Seattle Genetics was born. Though the company struggled in the beginning stages, it would soon began to find its footing. “It took at least a decade before the company could see huge results in monetary gains,” said Siegall.

As of today, Seattle Genetics tend to earn capital from multiple avenues such as from the selling of its proprietary drugs, from its production partnerships, and from the licensing of its own technologies. The great thing about this situation is that Dr. Clay Siegall controls it all.