Waiakea Water: A Better Solution For H2O

When it comes to bottled water, there are more than enough brands to choose from, but all aren’t created equal. The beverage isle of your favorite stores are loaded with brand after brand of bottled water, including Nestle Pure, Aquafina, Dasani, Deep River Rock, Sierra Springs, Evian and many more. One of the better brands of bottled water that’s on the market today is known as Waiakea. This particular brand is special because it comes from a completely different source that’s high in the Mauna Loa Mountains. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water’s name says it all because the water comes from snow melt and rainfall. This water goes through a specific purification process by draining through the volcano’s porous rocks.

This mountain range just so happens to be 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water has a higher than normal pH-level of 8.8. Most of the competitors’ brands are basically in the seven range and anything below a seven in pH is considered to be acidic. This is one of the major reasons to why this water is so special. Waiakea was actually founded back in 2012 by a guy named Ryan Emmons. This guy is a nature lover to the highest degree as he grew-up in California and in Hawaii. His deep appreciation for all things natural has grown into a full-fledged business. “My family in Hawaii was near some of the most beautiful and pure water sources in the world,” said Emmons. Water that has a high-alkaline base is very healthy for the human body. Thanks to its high-mineral count, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water can reduce acid reflux as well as reduce stomach acid.

Studies have shown that for people who drink this particular style of water, their bodies developed an improved acid-base balance. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water is the truth, and it has a long list of happy customers who will testify to all claims.