Todd Lubar’s Work in the Mortgage World

The city of Baltimore has become an attractive, growing area for young business people. The number of young people taking up residence in the city has grown in recent years and is expected to continue to grow. Builders have worked hard to turn apartments into hip living spaces that continue to attract young professionals. A large number of condominium and apartment options continue to flood the area.

Baltimore has been focused on more than just housing. City officials have spent lots of time working to improve transportation options in the city. Officials ultimately hope to create a fun, easy to navigate downtown area. Many believe this will even grow outside metropolitan areas as a result of easier parking and transportation improvements.

Despite these significant changes, the cost of living in this great city is not expected to rise anytime soon. Real estate developers continue to produce new and innovate living spaces and the area continues to be an attractive area for young, growing professionals.

Todd Lubar knows a thing or two about the Baltimore area. The President at TDL GLOBAL Ventures, Lubar also is the vice president at Legendary Investments. A graduate of the prestigious Syracuse University, Lubar has been making an impact on the business world for quite some time. Lubar holds a a B.A. in speech communication and has worked with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In the late 1990’s he helped to grow the Legacy Financial group including both the Arlington, Texas and Maryland offices. See his profile.

Lubar ( has spent years working and improving business in the mortgage world. Despite this success he has also branched out and had success in other areas. Other industries he has contributed to include the night club industry, the recycling industry and demolition industry. Todd Lubar has proven he has a unique ability to integrate himself into a business and improve it. He is sure to continue this ability for quite some time. For more info, visit