OSI industries are among the best food provider companies around the globe. It has thousands of workers in several facilities across different states. Despite starting from a humble beginning, the company is one of the most significant contributors to the American economic history in the twentieth century. The firm continues to rock the ever-evolving global economy. The history of the syndicate dates back to 1909 when German Otto Kolschowsky, then residing in Chicago, started a butcher shop and a retail shop selling meat to his fellow Germany immigrants. Otto expanded his business after serving for over ten years to a wholesale company which offered services to Maywood, a suburb in Chicago. In 1928 the business was rebranded Otto and Sons since it had grown into a family-based business.

The transition to a global firm from a regional distributor Otto and Sons occurred years later. The significant element that led to this transition was the need for constant distribution of affordable products that would be consumer driven and could be transported together with McDonald’s restaurant products, the then business partner to Otto and Sons. This task was made easier in the late 1960’s with a technological breakthrough which fostered a good relationship between McDonald’s and OSI industries. Since the bond between the company and McDonald’s had grown stronger, they became McDonald’s nationwide meat suppliers.

The flash freezing technology led to the establishment of an industry by OSI industries in 1973 dedicated to serving McDonald’s products. The further growth of the company was hastened by the appointment of Sheldon Lavin as a partner after he had served as an investment consultant for the company. His vast experience in banking and investment offered vital support for the firm’s growth. This led to the company being listed among the top companies in the US in the 2016 Forbes list.

OSI industries growth is also primarily associated with the Nation food and Pizza partnership agreement in 1996. The plant majorly dealt with products of hot dogs, sausage, and bacon which was in line with the new products of the firm.