The RealReal Makes It Easy To Acquire Secondhand Luxury Goods

The RealReal is an online consignment shop that specializes in offering luxury goods. Before any item is sold it is inspected by an expert in their field such as a gemologist or high-end clothing expert. They share the clothing for sale on their website as well as on Instagram. The RealReal is also using its last funding round to fuel its expansion into physical stores as well as its distribution warehouses where it stores products. One of their first storefronts is in the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

The RealReal has a very strict no-fakes rule which is one of the reason’s this company has been so successful. They provide a number of high-end services to their sellers including sending out drivers to pick up the item(s) they want to be placed on consignment. It is said to be a pretty elaborate process of getting items authenticated and then stored in the right location.

They currently have a wide range of luxury goods up on The RealReal’s Instagram account. They have four Balenciaga shoes for sale, including some for men and for women. Balenciaga is a high-end Spanish brand of clothing, shoes, and accessories which is owned by the French firm Kering. The shoes have been lightly worn and so don’t exhibit much in the way of wear.

They are also currently offering for sale a rare Gucci purse. This purse has “Gucci” imprinted on it in red stylized lettering. Beneath this, there is a metal loop with a snake head on each lower side. On either side of this, there are fully detailed cats embroidered onto the bag. The interior of this bag is a rich purple color.