The Fenix XT from Organo Gold Is Not a Typical Energy Drink

Energy drinks are available just about everywhere, and there’s so many of them that they can seem like pretty similar products at first glance. Following a certain type of formula when it comes to producing an energy drink has certainly worked for companies, but there’s also something to be said about those who dare to be different.An article from talks about one of the more unique energy drinks currently on the market, with that being the one known as Organo Gold’s Fenix XT.

The Fenix XT is a powdered energy drink that focuses mainly on giving consumers the energy, performance, and stamina boosts level they need for working out or taking part in other physical activities. Thus far, the Fenix XT sounds pretty standard, but it has other features that help it stand out from the many other energy drinks available on the market.In a video posted on Instagram, Organo Gold touts the fact that Fenix XT contains less sugar compared to other energy drinks.The reason why that matters is simple. When people ingest plenty of sugar either via their food or their drink, they can experience sugar rush.

During that sugar rush, they may feel more energized, but once the effect of the sugar wears off, they can come crashing down and lack the same amount of energy they had mere minutes before.Because the Fenix XT introduces less sugar into the body, the crash that comes after a sugar rush never does take place. Instead, the energy, performance, and stamina boosts drinkers receive will last longer.Plus, the Fenix XT is quite pleasing to the palate. The combination of peach and mango is fresh and flavorful. It’s also a flavor mix that’s a pleasure to enjoy while putting in a hard workout.There are all kinds of energy drinks available now on the market, but few can offer the same benefits as Organo Gold’s Fenix XT.