The Evolution Of The Trabuco

The creation of guns has eliminated many ancient weapons because gunpowder offered a much faster way to attack an enemy. There are so many weapons that ceased to exist after guns. One of the weapons that no longer exist since the creation of guns is the Trabuco.

The weapon is a siege weapon that was used to crush the walls of an enemy. The machine threw stones that weighed up to a ton. In a minute the machine was able to fire four shots. The machine had to go into retirement because modern weapons only need one person to operate. The machine needed almost 300 men to successfully operate the machine.


The Trabuco was created in China and eventually made its way to the Middle East. The Arabs found huge flaws in the structure of the machine. They worked to redesign the machine so that it would be more beneficial in times of war. After they made the alterations to the machine, they headed to Europe to sell the machine to the Europeans. The Europeans were very impressed with the structure of the machine and bought the weapon from the Arabs. The Europeans proceeded to use the machine during the Crusades. The first version was called the Traction, but after the Arabs put their spin on the machine, it was called the Hybrid siege machine.

The weapon operated at their highest potential during the 13th century according to The machine had become a force to be reckoned with in battle. Almost anything was thrown from the machine. The machine allowed them to improvise in order to beat their enemy during battle. The machines were very big and intimidating. Although, the machines were big and intimidated they did not stand a chance against guns which were much smaller than the Hybrid machine version.


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