Southridge Continues To Invest In The Right Companies And Make The Right Purchases

In 2012, Southridge entered into an equity purchase agreement with ELayaway, which is the parent company of DivvyTech, Inc. The company offers layaway payment plans and connects customers to hundreds of merchants. ELayaway works with retailers to help them grow their customer base by offering these customers payment plans that work with the amount of money they have. Its services are directly marketed to, both, brick & mortar and online retailers and this allows customers to put smaller or larger items on layaway. The company earns its profits through the setup fees that a customer initially accrues as well as monthly fees that retailers must pay for the transactions. Customers also pay a small side-fee based on the overall cost of their purchase.

Before Southridge purchased ELayaway, it was well aware that the technology used by the company to provide its payment plans could be used to help retailers in a spread of different industries. The company provides services to various industries through a spread of brands it owns and operates, and it purchased Centralized Strategic Placements, Inc. in order to increase its support for member-based shopping exchanges. Southridge purchased ELaway because it is looking to invest in companies that are sure to grow in today’s world. Check out scribd to see more.

Southridge Capital has been around since its founding in 1996, and the company’s team applies its expertise by using financial strategies that will help it to expand. By investing in growth companies all over the world, Southridge offers customized financing plans and then helps their clients to act on those plans so they succeed. The company has helped to finance more than 250 public companies, and this has given it a rare look into the issues that growing companies face every day.

Southridge is led by a strong management team including its CEO and founder, Stephen Hicks, CFO; Narine Persaud, CPA and CFA; Laurence J. Ditkoff, JD and CFA; Henry B. Sargent, and its Portfolio Management Specialist; Linda Carlsen. Southridge believes in being a socially responsible company and takes part in, both, informal and formal philanthropy with the goal of improving the community it works in as well the employees and leadership of the company itself. You can visit

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