Siteline Cabinetry – The Future of the Cabinet Making Industry?

Cabinetry isn’t only meant to look good, it has to be practical. Cabinets are a needed part of your home. Most homes only have cabinets in their kitchen, but with a little bit of innovative thinking, cabinets can be placed in any room in your home. Cabinets in your bedroom, dining room, bathroom, library or home office could make your home a lot more elegant and practical.


Everyone’s home is different and every one has different tastes when it comes to aesthetics. Anyone who has outfitted their home knows how strenuous it can be to spend countless hours walking around large department warehouses looking for cabinets that match your home. It is much easier to use a company like Siteline Cabinetry.


Who is Siteline Cabinetry?


Siteline Cabinetry is a subsidiary of Corsi Group, a long lasting, trusted name in cabinetry. The company is based in Virginia and through Corsi Group can trace its history back to 1973. Corsi Group is owned and operated by Pat Corsi.


What Makes Siteline Cabinetry Stand Out?


Siteline doesn’t have big department warehouses to store their cabinets in: they don’t need them. Siteline produces 100% custom cabinets that are engineered exactly to the consumer’s desires. The company offers nearly 300 choices in materials, doors and finishes. Once a customer is done designing their cabinet, they will have a completely original piece of storage equipment in just one month’s time.


Siteline is able to provide such quick turnaround for a multitude of reasons. Primarily, they have some of the best workers in the industry. They are also led by Pat Corsi, who has over 40 years experience in the business of cabinet making. The quick turn around could also be attributed to their 100% digital order process.


Since 1973, Corsi Group’s products have stood the test of time and customers have returned time and time again because they know that with Corsi and Siteline, you are getting the highest quality cabinets for the cheapest possible prices.

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