Securus Technologies Building effective Drone Detection Technology for Prisons to Shut Down Smuggling Efforts

When drones first came into the limelight, it was considered as a novelty. They were mainly toys for the tech people. Then, these drones were developed to carry cameras that allowed people to get images and videos from a height. It led to its increased usage in photography, surveillance, marketing and for many more tasks. But lately, the way these drones are being used by many people have led to debates whether drones are a good invention, or they are a bane for the society. Even though drones were made for the good of the nation, they have found their way into dangerous applications. These machines are now being used by criminals to deliver illegal goods inside secured prisons.


Prisons have so far been using technology to help prevent people from carrying illegal materials into the prisons. But, lately locked gates, thorough searches, low access control and even x-ray machines are not able to stop the smuggling of goods by criminals inside the prison. Drones can easily fly and drop the illegal goods into the prison yard without being detected. Today, drones have a long range allowing the operators to operate them from far off places. The use of these drones in the prisons has become a major source of worry for the law enforcement agencies. It has led to prisons hiring more guards to help secure the perimeter. But these drones are hard to detect especially during the night as the most advanced ones can fly over buildings without making any sound. Many of these drones are being shot and dropped to the ground before they can reach the inmates. Still, many find their ways into the hands of the criminals. Thus, there is a growing need to stop the delivery of illegal goods to the inmates by drones.


Prisons officials today are looking for better defense strategies to tackle the drone problems. One of the best methods is to implement a drone detection technology that would allow the prisons to detect the drones and to stop them as soon as they try to enter the premises. Securus Technologies has been working on such a system for months, and their product is currently in the final testing stage. The company has already installed the system in many prisons and is being tested to improve its functioning further.


Securus Technologies is one of the top technology companies in the prison industry that has been working hard to make prisons secured. Instead of providing the same old technology to their customers, the company invests in research and development of new products and systems to allow the law enforcement agencies to make communities safer and secured. The company’s latest product is the drone detection technology that has already got numerous takers.