Sahm Adrangi’s Discussion on Ad Fraud

Sahm Adrangi is the CEO of Kerrisdale Capital management, which was founded in 2009. He studied economics in the university. Under his leadership, the company has recorded drastic physical and financial growth. The company has recorded over eighty percent growth in its net worth since Adrangi took it over.


Over the years, Sahm Adrangi has been practicing his financial career where he has been advising companies and other corporate on investments and financial management. Sahm Adrangi has offered investment advice in several occasions; an example is training Lindsay Corporation management on how to manage their cash and also on capital allocation. Also, he has advised Creditor Committees on bankruptcy and how to emerge from bankruptcy. He has also been taking a podium in different conferences such as Sohn Conference, Debt Investing Conference among many others.


Adrangi has been involved in conducting more profound research on stocks, which many companies have less knowledge about. He has shared most of his research, which is available on his webpage.


In one of his conferences, Sahm Adrangi discussed corruption where he exposed most Chinese companies, which were involved in fraudulent activities. He dwelled on ad fraud, which he explained as false online marketing aimed at making profits from unsuspecting customers. Focusing on ad fraud helps his company to combine an element of social good in its activism. He talks on stock price, which he explains that they should trade below the market price. According to Sahm, their primary focus is on those companies, which are gaining an advantage on ad fraud.


Sahm Adrangi explains how most companies benefit from ads, which are computer generated. Such ads are posted on a fake website where they do not gain human traffic but get traffic from the computer itself. By designing such false websites, hackers aim to get extra money from illegitimate publishers and not the actual online users. Ad fraud has been a continuous process, which is giving the online advertising platform a lousy image. When there is an increase in ad frauds, online advertising is compromised thus reducing the profit margin for the legitimate publishers.