Saad Saad: An Inventive Mind For Kids

Dr. Saad Saad is a man who always wanted to help children from a young age. He was born in Palestine and moved to Kuwait when he was young. He went to Cairo University and graduated with honors. His big break came in the 1980’s when he was asked to care for the Royal family in Saudi Arabia. After that, he went on to study pediatric medicine in England and the United States. He specialized in caring for children and every doctor has to take rigorous exams every decade. Saad Saad has passed these very difficult examinations easily every time. He seems to thrive because he knows he wants to help kids.

Dr. Saad Saad is not just a pediatric doctor. He is also an inventor too. He has a couple of patents to his name and his inventions have helped save the lives of many children around the world. The first invention that he has created is a catheter with electromagnetic location software in it. The second invention is a suction and irrigation device used at the end of endoscopes.

The first invention saves doctors a lot of time and effort when working with a patient and the catheter. Doctors originally had to take X-rays or use an MRI to see where the catheter is in the body. This took a considerable amount of time and energy on everyone’s part to get the job done. With Saad Saad’s invention, there is no longer a need to take an X-ray or use the MRI machine. With a camera and a light on the tip of the catheter, doctors can see exactly where the catheter is going and make sure it is put in the exact location where it is needed. This can help children feel much more at ease when it comes to having a procedure done.

The second invention is a suction add-on for a normal endoscope. Endoscopes can be very helpful when it comes to looking into specific parts of the body like the esophagus or intestines. The main problem with older endoscopes is the view of the target area can be blocked by normal bodily fluids. This can cost a doctor time. Dr. Saad Saad has answered the call on this specific problem. The doctor can attach this specific device to an endoscope and while he or she is working on the patient, suck out any form of liquid that may get in the way. This can make incisions much easier and much smaller too.

These are two things that Saad Saad has done to make procedures easier for children. They may be simple things but if they can save one child’s life it will be worth it. Learn more: