Rocketship Education’s Issues Response to the Negated Report

Rocketship Education’s Issues Response to the Negated Report

In 2006, John Danner joined Preston Smith to give life to a public charter school called Rocketship Education. The first education centre was situated in California, and the pioneers of the school scored excellent grades thereby earning tremendous praise from the community as one of the most innovative education centres for low-income scholars. Over the years, the school has opened more branches across the nation. Some of these schools are in Wisconsin and Tennessee among others. In 2016, the school opened a fourth branch in Washington, DC.


To facilitate education, Rocketship Education applies a hybrid learning model that uses individualized online learning and classroom teaching. It also utilizes small-group tutoring. Moreover, the school works with Team America, an organization that allows college graduates to access teaching jobs. The school also focuses on helping students from all walks of life to obtain a better education. This eliminates the achievement gap. Apart from that, more about 86% students have continuously enrolled in this school. This means that the learning environment is comfortable.

The Report

Even though many parents and students can testify that Rocketship Education has been helpful in disseminating knowledge to students, the school still experiences some challenges as not everyone agrees with these sentiments. For instance, an NRP blogger called Anya Kamenetz recently wrote an article that pinpointed Rocketship’s strictness in teaching students. While at it, Kamenetz stated that this school is overly difficult even for younger students. Perhaps the right term for the statement was the harsh learning conditions that include drilling students to pass exams.

Smith’s Sentiments

Regarding the article, Preston Smith said that the school’s name was maligned with lies. He also added that Rocketship Education is a high achieving school and that is why about 90% of the students reported back.


Besides, schools have a personal impact on students. Therefore, Rocketship would not allow a teacher to mistreat a student. Being educators, the management does not settle for average. That explains why it has gone ahead to set pre-mock exams to gauge every student’s ability to perform. The school leaders are also entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of students.