Organizations Advocating for Human, Civil and Immigrant’s Rights in the USA

Human slavery is back but at another level. People are not being enslaved on chains, but they are being enslaved by being denied their rights. This could be civil rights, human rights as well as immigrant rights. The constitution recognizes that people should be judged according to their ideologies and not the color of their skin or where they come from. All said and done, these oppressions are being repelled by dedicated souls of this world.

Some of the groups formed to fight discrimination include Avaaz, Lacey and Larking Frontera Foundation, International Migrant’s Right Advocacy as well as the Advocates for Human Rights and National Urban League. Other groups under this category include National Congress of American Indians, Black Radical Congress and National Association for Advancement of Colored People.

An organization like the Avaaz fights for the rights of people in general. The evils that this organization strongly opposes include climate change, civil oppression, racial discrimination as well as conflicts and poverty. Most of the organizations supporting these causes participate by either organizing demonstrations or funding them.

An organization like the ACLU Immigrants Right Project has been in existence for the past 25 years and has helped fight for civil rights and civil liberties. This includes standing against immigration discrimination in public, privately or even in the media.

Since the justice system can be hard on immigrants, the ACLU represents them legally, file cases for immigrant and argues them on their behalf. In the past few years, the ACLU has recorded significant success in their quest for justice. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Another group that has helped in the fight for civil rights and human rights is the Human Rights Foundation that is located in New York and run by a group of experienced human rights activists such as Thor Halvorssen. This organization has opposed senators and legislators in the USA who stand against civil and human rights. Not only is the organization active in the US but it also fights for civil and human rights elsewhere around the globe.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are other activists working with the Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times to fight for immigrants’ rights. Seven years ago, these gentlemen were arrested in the middle of the night for standing against Sheriff Joe Arpaio who often turns a blind eye on immigrant’s plight. In the past, this sheriff has been accused of encouraging child molestation and rape on immigrants.

Upon their release, these two gentlemen filed a case with the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and they recently received a settlement of $3.75 million for the unwarranted arrest. The two decided to use this money to fund organizations that preach for immigration reforms within the state of Arizona.

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