Meet Robert Johnston: The Ex-Correction Officer and Securus Consultant

A family is a unit that cannot be broken under any circumstances. Even when one commits a crime, the family members gather their resources to employ an advocate who will help them in preventing them from going to jail. Many individuals have lost fortunes in the process. Sometimes we win, but other times our loved one is convicted and have to serve their sentence.

In the past, family members going to jail would break family bonds due to lack of communication. However, with the invention of Securus Technologies, the inmates can now communicate with their relatives from the free world.

The Securus Technologies offers both audio and video calls at pocket-friendly rates. They have also come up with programs that have made the communication more convenient. For instance, relatives and friends can now schedule their visits to jail in advance. Having the visits on their terms and conditions have helped in saving on time. Relatives who are far from the correctional services can also call from their homes through the webcam services.

As much as this technology has favored the inmates, some of them are yet to reform, and they might use the gadgets to carry on with their criminal activities while still in jail. This is by collaborating with the convicts who are in the free world to hurt individuals who led to their imprisonment.

Robert Johnson, who is an ex-officer at the prison facilities is one of the victims of such incidences. He says that on this fateful morning he had woken up to report to work at 5:30 a.m. His duty in the correctional services was to confiscate illegal products in jail. He must have been good at his job and was becoming a blockage in the flow of the contrabands in jail. He had to be eliminated.

On waking up, he had a loud bang on his front door. From his experience, he knew things were not right, and this was a hit. The last thing he wanted is his family hurt, so he called in the hallway to prevent the intruder from going to the bedroom, where his wife was.

After this, all he remembers is a short struggle, and the next thing was waking up in a hospital bed. Johnson, says that the inmates started this and his going to deal with it till the end. He is currently a consultant for Securus Technologies, which is now using a Wireless Containment System to avoid such ugly incidences from recurring.