Lori Senecal’s Rise to Dominance in Company Advertising

In the present market, advertising goes a long way in predicting how a business will ultimately perform against competitors. Companies have been coming up with new methods of advertising; a recent method of advertising is through social media sites such as Facebook. The new kinds of digital advertising are slowly becoming more preferable.

An example of a CEO who has decided to exploit this new area of marketing is Lori Senecal. Lori has decided to use Facebook as the means of marketing her company. The idea of advertising on Facebook may seem to be a little far-fetched, but since there are over 1.28 billion users per day on this social media platform, then there is no denying the ability of this site to achieve desired marketing objectives, says Senecal.

Social media platforms have significantly changed how people advertise. This is because it can all be computer-generated and hence reduces the cost of buying and using props. Google has also been known to promote products from other companies on their website.

Digital advertisements, though good, should have a certain structure to ensure that they are effective. They should be short and straight to the point since these advertisements usually pop up while someone is surfing on another website. They should also not take a long time to read and understand. They should also be eye catching, interesting enough to grab the attention of the user.

Lori Senecal serves as the present global CEO for Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, a position she has held since March 2015. When she joined the company, she committed herself to finding new advertising solutions to enhance the organization. Over the short period that she has worked at the agency, Lori Senecal has been responsible for tremendous growth within the company. According to Ad Week, this includes growing their international offices, and in addition to that, she is also responsible for nurturing new talent and was the one who promoted the idea of digital marketing by the company. The company has grown from 250 to over 900 employees. View Lori’s full profile on crunchbase.com.

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  1. Caylee Kaleb says:

    I believe Facebook is really an insane platform to put up your business. I called it insane because you would get lots of traffic that you ever imagine. This is how 2meditate slowly went viral as many people are now practicing it. Lori Senecal proves this correct when she decided to take her company to Facebook and wow, you can’t imagine what she got, a network of over 1.28 billion users. This is incredibly insane and you know what, she has increased the work force of her company from 250 to over 930 employees.

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