Kevin Seawright and Affordable Housing. The Time for Talk is Over

With a new accounting degree in hand, Newark native Kevin Seawright needed an opportunity to get his career started. Applying for various financial related openings along the east coast, an interview with the City of Baltimore eventually proved successful and Kevin’s career in local government began. Learn more about Kevin Seawright: and

Mentorship is very important in a new career and young Kevin was fortunate to attract the attention of individuals who recognized his work ethic, and appreciated his perseverance and attention to detail on the job.

City government was the perfect venue for Kevin to develop his interest in bettering people’s lives through economic development.

Many local governments are under continuous financial constraints, faced with increasing costs and stagnant revenues. As Chief Financial Officer of Baltimore Parks and Recreation, Kevin worked with the IT department to design and implement a new computer based accounting system.

The new system was a success and saved the city more than $100,000 annually. Today, Baltimore Parks and Recreation manages 40 recreation centers for its citizens. According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright had found his life’s work.

Successful performance has a way of attracting attention, the private sector beckoned In 2011. Kevin was snapped up and installed as Vice President of Operations for Tito Contractors, a company that builds schools and hospitals. Now Kevin could devote his full energies to highly visible projects that directly benefitted the citizenry. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO and Kevin Seawright Sees Big Things for New Jersey Real Estate as Economy Grows

When the city of Newark was looking for a new direction for its Community Economic Development Organization, native son Kevin Seawright was the logical choice. CEDC focuses on affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization, and named Kevin its Executive Vice President and CFO.

Here was a new challenge, but in Kevin’s first year, CEDC was working with the city to build two family homes, made affordable with mortgage assistance and tax abatements.

Today, as head of RPS Solutions, a company Kevin founded in 2014, affordable housing is a daily focus. Successful RPS projects like Belvedere Square and West Edmondale allow families to transition from renting to owning; bringing stability and pride of ownership to individuals and revitalizing our communities.

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