Jed McCaleb’s Stellar Impact

Entrepreneur and businessman Jed McCaleb is making news with his latest venture. McCaleb has founded the webstie, a website that combines financial education with technology. Stellar was birthed out of McCaleb noticing flaws in the worldwide financial system. Jed collaborated with Joyce Kim to cofound Stellar. As the leader of Stellar, Jed McCaleb is focused on on increasing economic participation across the globe.


Stellar is the result of the Bitcoin craze. After doing some study, McCaleb realized that there were a number of problems that could be solved by using the technology that Bitcoin uses. There were additional needs that needed to be met in the financial world. This needs was the beginning of Stellar. McCaleb began to create a system would connect financial institutions across the globe. Stellar specifically focuses on those people who are without banks. With their unique system of linking groups together, Stellar makes it affordable for banks to take on this select group of people.


Stellar has recently seen a number of quality upgrades. In recent years the network has become more scalable and secure. Jed McCaleb has specifically worked to make the network user-friendly and easy to understand. Stellar today is a community run network that easy to interact with and contains tools that are useful.


Jed McCaleb is an American programmer that has become well known for his innovative work in the technology world. Outside of Stellar, he has become for innovative creations like peer-to-peer technology eDonkey, Overnet and Ripple. Jed has become well known for his passion for using technology to decrease inefficiency. He is the he cofounder Stellar Development Foundation and serves as an advisor to MIRI. His incredible success has allowed him to make Forbes list of the world’s richest people. With such an amazing track record, Jed McCaleb is sure to continue impacting the tech world for many more years to come.