How Securus Technologies Prevents Crime

Founded in 1986, Securus provides communications platforms between incarcerated individuals and their families and friends outside of the corrections centers. Securus currently serves over 1.2 million inmates in 48 states through over 3,400 correctional facilities.


Inmates have several different ways of communicating to the outside through a collect call system, where a relative or friend pays the phone charges, inmate debit, where the inmate pays out of his or her own funds, prepaid calling, where calls are paid for in advance, and direct bill, where a bill is sent each month to family members outside of the prison. There is also a teleconferencing system where the visual connection is made with family.


While there is no doubt that a connection to the outside with family and friends does wonder for inmate and family morale, there is also room for adverse results if inmates connect with the wrong people where nefarious results can sometimes be the result. Inmates do use the phone services provided to attempt criminal acts, and with the sophistication of the system, every effort is made to stop such activities in the earlier stages of those attempts.


Even though there is much publication to the inmates about the ability of the software to catch such activities early, there are still attempts. The Securus Technology phone monitoring system allows the detection of potentially illegal activities, potential threats against prison personnel, threats against other inmates, drug operations, and other plots from sources in and outside of the correctional facilities.


The Securus Technologies software serves two purposes which serve inmates and families well. Solid communications availability between family members and inmates and sophisticated monitoring surveillance which helps to stop any criminal activity in the early stages proved inmates, their families and the correctional staff and personnel. As a result, people who are involved in any facet of the correctional process are safer and illegal activities are kept to a minimum.


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    Securus Technologies is a pace-setter in the world of prison communications systems. They provide essay on time review prison staff and inmates with affordable and secure communication.

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