GoBuyside CEO Explains How To Bring Ideas To Life

Arjun Kapur, the founder of GoBuySide, recently gave an interview in which he shed light on his goals and missions and the goals and missions of GoBuySide. He said he studied at John Hopkins and at Stanford.

He was asked how he brings ideas to life. He said that it is a tough question but that the true answer is that it is a process. First, you have to identify an opportunity. Once you do that, you need to look into the opportunity and figure out whether or not there is enough of a reason to invest in it. You have to first be comfortable actually investing in it.


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Once you do that, you can start investing. However, you should be able to learn in real time from the way customers respond as to whether or not your strategy is working. There are times when you will need to change your strategy to better fit the needs of your customers.

He said that a trend that really excites him is artificial intelligence. He is amazed at how it can be used in business to increase productivity and increase revenue and profits.

Arjun of GoBuySide has an interesting view on social media. He says that he avoids social media and does not think that spending time on social media is a good thing to do as an entrepreneur. He says that this is one of the secrets that help him stay more productive.

Arjun says that if he had to start again he would travel a bit before entering the workforce.

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