GoBuyside, a leading investment management platform

GoBuyside is a global recruitment platform offering advice on investments for companies, consulting firms, private equity firms and also works with hedge funds based in New York. GoBuyside has gained a relationship with the market. This has attributed to the proficiency of their working personnel. Additionally; it has proved that for entrepreneurs to succeed, they have to do things in more than one way. It headed by Arjun Kapur who is the C.E.O a graduate of Stanford University School of Business with Masters in Business Administration. He also holds Bain Economics and Finance at The Johns Hopkin University.

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Over the years, GoBuyside has been instrumental in helping individuals get jobs in private equity. Following the report by Bureau of Labor Statistics that the internet provides about 25% of employment, GoBuyside has ventured in this to give quality professionals to address their clients’ needs. By their offer of project-oriented roles traditionally it has natured the applicants’ talents and abilities. These applicants can connect to firms globally. They link information from Facebook and LinkedIn and for more updates of news and events clients than follow them on twitter an added advantage especially to them that are in Newyork.

Affiliate Dork a site that follows trends in the online area has recently reported on GoBuyside. Readers of his article seemed to be more concerned with GoBuyside, and he made up his mind to write a three-phase article on the same. He outlines that the best way to curb recruitment challenge is to use professional experts GoBuyside in particular which leads in the United States in investment management. It has helped reduce opportunity cost and improving hiring skills.it has extended to many cities and individuals on financial matters.

New York, being the easiest place to hire financial talent and most of the largest private equity firms headquarters being located here have secured a place for GoBuyside to offer the financial services. Currently it a representative of more than 400 companies from 16 countries. In a nutshell, GoBuyside offers cost-effective solutions more so to short-term project needs clients. It has helped employers to pay a fraction of full-time costs.

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