Foresite Capital CEO, Jim Tanabaum Is Interviewed On Ideamensch

The first question that founder and chief executive officer at Foresite Capital, Jim Tanabaum was asked was where did the idea to create Foresite Capital stem from? Mr. Teanabaum replied that he had been working as a healthcare entrepreneur for over two decades and had extensive experience in healthcare investment analysis. During this long career, Jim Tanabaum said he was able to quickly realize the factors that would make a healthcare company profitable. He added that he discovered that the hard science, new ideas and the people behind the new idea are what determine the success or failure of a healthcare venture. Check out his Linked In profile to know more.

Jim Tanabaum then added that a lot of investors fail to realize that healthcare companies require significantly more time and capital in order to be profitable in the long term. This is why many investors pass up on them or pull out capital when the company is just beginning to develop and launch products. Besides making a profit for himself, Foresite Capital was also founded to serve the unique needs of the healthcare industry. It provides healthcare firms in the biotech and drug sector a unique partnership and investment partner. Foresite offers capital, networking and management if needed to help guide that firm to success and ultimately, profitability. You can visit LinkedIn Forsite Capital.

Mr. Tananbaum said that as of right now, his firm has invested money into over 77 different healthcare companies and products. They span fields such as biopharma, diagnostic services and equipment, medical services and genomic sequencing technology. Some of Foresite Capital’s more notable healthcare investments are Aerie Pharmaceuticals, 10X Genomics and Aimmune Therapeutics.

The next question given to Jim Tanabaum was how a typical day unfolds for him and what does he do to make it as productive as possible. Tanabaum says that he often finds himself on the phone with his employees discussing updates on investments or prospective investments. Mr. Tanabaum also says he has a lot of meetings everyday with potential business partners, healthcare industry experts or his own staff to discuss attractive companies to invest funds in. Jim says that a workout for an hour between meetings helps to keep his mind sharp. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

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