End Citizens United; On A Mission To Eradicate Uninhibited Funding In Politics

End Citizens United is devoted towards driving a significant amount of money from politics, it was founded in 2015 as a political action committee. The committee has been raising a lot of money on its own. Tiffany Muller is group’s executive director and president. The team’s goalmouth is to elect campaign-finance reform champions to parliament.


The group has collected more than four million dollars in this year’s first quarter. It also predicts that it will raise thirty-five million dollars ahead of the 2018 Congress mid-term polls. That would be a substantial increase from its first election undertaking in 2016 where it raised twenty-five million dollars. This is because sixty thousand more people contributed to the PAC this year than last year. According to the PAC’s president, the group is currently examining the contests in which it will be involved in 2018.


End Citizens United conduct their donations conventionally and doesn’t accept donations of larger than five thousand dollars. The average contribution this year among the hundred thousand donors was twelve dollars. In recent weeks the agency has sought its donors to raise half a million dollars for Democrat Jon Ossoff’s Democrat campaign.


The motivation for most of their donors is that they feel politics favors the big guns with a lot of money. They believe that through supporting a PAC, they can change things as they work against the system. Adding to their drive is the fact that Democrats are enraged about President Trump’s election win and are ready to retaliate against his plan and party candidates.


End Citizens United refers to the U.S.A Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United resolve which undid rules governing campaign sponsorship. Their spokesman, Adam Bozzie said that the group had developed more ties with campaign-finance groups. Due to this, they have insisted that Republican senators who were sponsored by the affluent Betsy DeVos and her kin refrain from voting for her as the Education Secretary.


End Citizens United has Mothership Strategies has its digital partner. The two have worked for hand in hand to reach a larger audience of voters through the internet. ECU reaches its donors through e-mails, and most of their contributions are made over the web too. The PAC has branded its movement with compelling and attractive graphics with a modern edge that passes their message to citizens.


The committee has made impressive progress in the two years it has been operating by empowering the civilian. It believes in the power of numbers to work against the system and elect candidates who are marginalized and hold true principles. They have been working against corrupt leaders to create a progressive grassroots initiative. In the 2016 elections, they held their own as they financed candidates across the state in places such as Missouri, New Hampshire, Nevada among others.



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