Dr Mark Mofid: The Safest Gluteal Augmentation

Mark Mofid is a board-certified plastic surgeon in the San Diego and Beverly Hills area. He currently has two board certifications, one with the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the other with the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He received his education from Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. Mark Mofid values ongoing education and innovation, and because of it, he is able to give patients high-quality results. Currently, Dr. Mofid runs his own private practice that includes a dermatologist and a nurse. His wife is the full-time dermatologist at the clinic. Other staff includes four full-time front office staff members and two surgical technologists. The office has been giving patients the results they seek for over seven years. Dr. Mark Mofid believes that the best way to market his business is to provide the best service. That is precisely what he has done. Many patients prefer Dr. Mofid because of how natural their surgical results look. He is also well known for his ability to communicate effectively with his patients while adhering to medical safety practices. He specializes in gluteal augmentation. One thing that Dr. Mark Mofid discusses is how uncommon it is for patients to want larger implants. However, the safety and overall well-being of the patient is what’s most important. Therefore, Dr. Mofid will not participate in any practices that may put the patient at risk. Dr. Mark Mofid is always studying the art of gluteal augmentation so that he can strengthen his knowledge and experience in the field. He has even worked with Dr. Raul Gonzalez who is one of the most highly recognized surgeons in the field. Since Dr. Raul Gonzalez works in Brazil. Brazil is an area known for maintaining the status quo. To further explain this, only 1,000 gluteal augmentations were performed in the United States. However, in Brazil, more than 20,000 were completed. The experience has given Dr. Mofid everything he needs excel in his field. Patients can rest assured that Dr. Mofid is not only going to provide them with natural looking results but that he will do everything in his power to keep them safe as well.