Dr. Mark Mckenna, Going Against All The Odds To Become The Best

Currently one of the most prominent doctors in Atlanta, Dr. Mark McKenna is a man of many hats who through his success, is a real-life example of what standing firm in the face of adversity can do. His is a story entangled with both ups and downs, and it began at Tulane University, New Orleans where he studied medicine but specialized in the real estate sector.

Born with natural entrepreneurial skills, the doctor managed to grow his real estate business known as McKenna Crescent investment, from a single firm to an all in one portfolio of real estate companies. Unfortunately, Dr. Mark McKenna’s many years of hard work and dedication went down the drain in one day after Hurricane Catrina struck New Orleans in 2005.

If most people were to trade places with Dr. Mark, they would undoubtedly give up on entrepreneurship and go down the road of employment. However, being the ambitious man he is, where other people only saw losses and pain, Dr. Mark McKenna just saw lessons and an opportunity to rebuild not only himself but also the community.

He learned that a good businessman is one who never gives up when he is at rock-bottom and does not put all his eggs in one basket. In respect to that, Dr. Mark McKenna put the skills he earned at Tulane University’s medical school to good use by combining them with his innovative entrepreneurial skills to establish his first clinic, dubbed Health company Med.

Since then, he has never looked back and continues to mark milestones with each wake. For instance today, Health company med is a fully fledged network of wellness and aesthetic based medical practice centers, which continues to change the life of its clients through revolutionary solutions.

Even though he is incredibly successful, Dr. Mark McKenna knows no limits and recently came up with a groundbreaking app known as OVME. The app will not only impact the medical arena but also shake up things thoroughly, thereby changing the medical experience for both patients and practitioners by adding a personal touch between the two parties.

OVME, pronounced as OF ME, is an app which brings together highly proficient medical practitioners and patients from across all divides. Once launched, app users will easily log in, select the service they are looking for from its user-friendly interface and a practitioner they deem best.

To choose the best one, they can directly refer to ratings left by previous clients and book consultations with the physician who suits them best at the touch of a button! Indeed OVME will revolutionize the medical experience and being the man he is; there is no doubt that he will soon come up with something even more significant in future.