Dick DeVos Shows A lot of Ambition and Responsibility in his Work

Dick DeVos is the type of person who is always at work. One thing that makes him such an example is that he has a huge diversity of jobs in his resume. A lot of these jobs have been leadership positions. Therefore, he knows what it takes to manage people. He has started work wit his father on Amway when he was a little kid. He has carried this type of experience with him towards other projects. Among the positions he had was being one of the owners of the Orlando Magic franchise. However, the highlights of his achievements would come later.


One major highlight of his life is his philanthropy. Being a philanthropist has given Dick DeVos a lot of advantages in his community. He has worked with his wife in bringing improvements to the educational system. One thing that he has understood is that there are many schools that have very low quality equipment because they are in low income neighborhoods. Not only are students getting low quality education, but they are also having to deal with the dangers of living in these types of neighborhoods. Therefore, they have a lot of factors working against them when it comes to their education.


Dick and Betsy have seen how some families have done everything they can in order to make sure that their children are getting higher quality education. Therefore, they have decided to do everything they can to bring forth this initiative called school choice. This is where parents have the opportunity to get their children into better schools without having to pay for it. One thing that does not work anymore is having children in schools based on the area where they live.


Dick DeVos has shown that he has a lot of care for children. He understands that children are the best chance for the community. Therefore, he wants to make sure that they are getting the best possible education so that they can probably repair some of the community and bring value. One of the most important goals for people is to be able to bring the world into a better future.


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