David McDonald’s Interview

Education and work background

Born and raised in Iowa, David McDonald is a self-made hero. After graduating from the University of Iowa with an undergraduate degree in Animal Science, he started as a project manager at the OSI Group. At around the same time, he was the Chairman of North American Meat Institute. His dedication and ambition have made him the most influential man in the organization.

How David McDonald has improved OSI Group’s sustainability

During his tenure, the business has managed to leap forward in the food industry. Currently, it is considered one of the most known world brand that provides quality food products to its customers. Therefore, for the past three decades that David McDonald has been with the company have been the best not only for his career but also for the company growth. Since the venture is a multinational, one he works hard to ensure that the company is on par with the changing global trends. Therefore, David McDonald’s experience working with local markets and government agencies has guaranteed a constant and quality supply of goods from his firm to the market is smooth and without a hassle.

His Opinion regarding Baho Food

OSI Group has managed to bring another asset on board. Baho Foods is a meat processing plant that refines other foods as well. Being a Dutch-based company, OSI group has managed to locate itself strategically on the European market. Furthermore, throughout his leadership, the company has distributed to increase its assets as well as revenue worldwide. Another good example is the Chinese facilities that handle poultry products. The buying of the facilities has helped the company to re-strategize and re-enter the global market better.

Interview Recap

Immediately after clearing his undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa, he joined the company as a project manager. However, his dedication and a vision for the company has made the president of the business venture. During the interview, David McDonald said that the company makes money by selling food products to different brands globally.He further said that the OSI group had grown tremendously in the revenue stream. The growth is attributed to dedicated employees and the trust been them and the customers


Apart from buying Baho foods, the company has managed to acquire about ten more facilities in China that deal mainly with poultry products. The assets bought have put OSI Group on a world map.

To learn more:https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137