Closing the Communication Gap Between Teachers and Parents

During the school year, teachers have conferences with parents a couple of times each year. Parents learn a lot of things about what goes on during the school day when they visit with their child’s teacher. It is a lot to take in for one meeting. Many of these things should have been addressed prior to the meeting. Parents like to be informed on a regular basis, so are parent teacher conferences that take place once every marking period or semester really enough?

ClassDojo was created to close the gap between the communication between teachers and parents. This is an app that parents and teachers can use to keep each other informed. Teachers are able to post regular updates on what goes on in the classroom on a daily basis. Parents are able comment on pictures and like them also. Parents and teachers are the only ones that have access to this information, so it is not something that is going to go viral on the internet.

Parents and teachers are able to communicate in private messages also. With the information provided in messages can help parents understand what their children are doing at school. Teachers are able to send reminders for certain events that are taking place or about assignments that are due.

It can speed up the time frame for when the teacher will receive any messages also. This is something that can be frustrating for parents when they have to notify the office, who then notifies the teacher.

Communication is vital for a successful learning experience. The generated funding for this app has been very successful. In the future, the company hopes to allow students and teachers to be able to order yearbooks and other school products through this app.

ClassDojo has been a very successful app that both teachers and parents have been very happy with. There has been a high success rate in the usage of this app. Allowing teachers and parents to communicate with an app that is secure is going to add to the success of the teaching and learning experience throughout the world.

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  1. Lilian Arjun says:

    Communication can get mixed up or delayed. This can be very frustrating for both teachers and parents. There are over 85,000 schools using this app. That may arisen becacues has not done enough work from what have previously stated from the above statement and it pains me the most.

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