Bob Reina: Species of Quitters

Riding a bike is many times our first real lesson in persistence as children. We may have fallen several times, but we pick ourselves back up, wipe off the dirt, and get back on our bikes and try again. We keep trying until we figure it out. Eventually, we get to go out into the world by ourselves without our training wheels. We are excited about it despite how terrifying it may have been to our childhood selves.


According to Bob Reina, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, most of us have last much of that persistence as adults. We don’t want to get back on the bike to try again and some of us won’t even try to ride it in the first place. Bob Reina thinks we have become a species of quitters that base decision making solely on instant gratification. We procrastinate and cancel plans. We tell ourselves we’re going to get that promotion or save up for that car but we end up distracting ourselves to make an excuse for not achieving our goals.


When things get hard, that’s when we need to push through it instead of taking a break. Divorce rates are skyrocketing, we don’t want to put the work into making things happen  ( We give up on jobs and diets so we don’t have to experience discomfort. We don’t want to change and we don’t want to look for silver linings in our failures and bad experiences. We just post about it on Instagram and don’t do anything to find any opportunities in our bad experiences.


Bob Reina established Talk Fusion in 2007. Talk Fusion is a video marketing system and the creators of Video Email. A former policeman, Bib Reina was introduced to network marketing while off-duty directing traffic to make ends meet. He caught on to the business quickly and knew it was what he wanted to do. It wasn’t and isn’t easy, but he had the fortitude to keep going. People need to stop resigning, we need to keep our New Year’s Resolutions and keep trying to sell even after a prospect tells us no. We can’t let our goals turn into excuses as to why we never achieved them.


Talk Fusion’s success depends on their clients being successful, they get paid if their client achieves their dreams. Bob Reina was inspired to create Video Email when he wanted to send a video and AOL told him he couldn’t. He identified a problem and created a needed product. His product line has since expanded since the inception of Video Email. Bob Reina’s products are used in more than 140 countries.