Betsy Devos and her Educational Choice Movement

Many people believe Betsy DeVos became well-known because of her job as education secretary in the Trump Administration. What many people don’t know, including late-night comics who make jokes about her, is she’s a positive force in the education system. Mrs. DeVos has been working in education long before President Donald Trump decided to run for the office.


Mrs. DeVos Started Her Passion for Changing the World in College


As a college student as Calvin College, she was known by her given name, Elisabeth Prince. She was also known for helping those in need. For instance, she became involved in campus politics and volunteered in many causes. It was nothing new to Mrs. DeVos, being a reformer runs in her family.


Mrs. DeVos Became Part of a Michigan Power Couple Devoted to Helping People


When Mrs. DeVos met her now husband, Dick, she knew they were meant to be together. They were also meant to help those who couldn’t help themselves. She also became devoted to helping children in low-income families to the education promised to them by the government. A free education that was also a good education.


Mrs. DeVos has Worked Decades to Provide Children a Good Education


Prior to becoming education secretary, she worked hard to secure a good education for children in Michigan. She could never understand why a good education was always tied to a family’s income. She began her own scholarship program to help low-income students move from failing schools to private schools.


She also became a champion of charter schools. A charter school is a private school that receives public funding. It was another way to help low-income students move from failing academic schools to more successful schools that would provide a good education.


Mrs. DeVos is Always Up for the Fight to Give Children the Best Education


She’s been involved in many public battles to get students the education they need. For more than 30 years, she’s fought for more tax dollars to go to charter schools. She fought for students to move from academically failing schools to schools that were more successful.


Her latest challenge as education secretary hasn’t been easy. Most people want to ridicule her without giving her a chance to improve education. If she minds, she’ll never let anyone know. Betsy DeVos is a reformer. A reformer doesn’t complain. They get results. Even Mrs. DeVos’ opponents admit she successfully meets any challenge.


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