Andrew Rocklage – Highly Successful Businessman in Boston

Andrew Rocklage is one of the most popular and well-established businessmen in Boston Area. He has studied management at the Isenberg School of Management and completed his graduation in law from the reputed Suffolk University Law School.

Presently, he owns one of the most famous trampoline parks in the country, named Sky Zone Trampoline Park. It is an indoor park that is visited by many for recreational purpose and is highly popular among the locals in the area. Andrew Rocklage checks upon the business activities of the park and looks out for new ways to make the park more fun for the visitors.

Andrew Rocklage understands that business scene in Boston region well, and it can be seen in the success he has achieved through the Sky Zone Trampoline Park well. Moreover, Andrew Rocklage understands the importance of customer service well, which is why he has a pool of talent customer service executives who take care of clients grievances and queries. Each feedback by the customers is taken seriously and acted upon to ensure that the customers have a great experience at the establishment owned by Andrew Rocklage.

The recruiting strategy of Andrew Rocklage is also brilliant, and he ensures that each team member that is hired has to undergo a rigorous screening process. It ensures that the employees who are employed have the potential, skill, and abilities needed to perform their duties extremely professionally. Learn more about Andrew Rocklage: and

These days, customer services play a huge role in ensuring customer retention and getting repeat business. Moreover, it also helps with marketing and enhancing the brand value of the company, which is why Andrew Rocklage makes no compromises on the customer service front.

His strategies have worked well for the Sky Zone Trampoline Park, which continues to gain tremendous popularity in the Boston region, and the foot fall at the establishment is increasing considerably with the passing time. More and more people have started visiting the park as it is not only fun to spend time here, but it also has many great health benefits.

Andrew Rocklage has worked in the information technology sector as well in the past and has also been the corporate counsel for the reputed Epirus Biopharmaceuticals. As a qualified law graduate and a successful businessman, Andrew Rocklage has vivid experience in different sectors, which he uses to make strategic decisions for long-term growth and benefits.

Andrew Rocklage has always been experimental in life, whether it has come to his education, career choices, and more. It is his thirst for challenging endeavors and to take on the unknown has helped him gain tremendous experience as well as success in such a short period. He is also interested in traveling, and continues to travel extensively across the globe.

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