Alex Hern: Working in Technology

Alex Hern believes in four key learning tools that can help with one’s success. After all, he has spent 25 years in the technology business and currently leads the technology company that he owns as founder and director name Tsunami. Here are four key learning habits that he recommends:

1. Take 4-5 hours each day focus on key goals eliminate all eruptions interruptions
2. Make decisions with a long-term view and always take your time
3. Never fear making mistakes or be afraid to fail, understand it comes with the learning process
4. Never regret the same mistakes and educate yourself about failures

His 25 years in the business has taught him to consistently think of ideas and concepts that can be an improvement to his own business. He often shares his favorite quote from Winston Churchill “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” When it comes to reading you can find Hern studying his favorite book called The One thing. He is a firm believer that this literature can help anyone understand focus and how to use it to their advantage. One business idea he shares is that someone should create a company that combines accounting and big data. It should be done by accessing the newest technology that will often create and improve transparency.

Alex Hern’s resume is impressive as he has helped many early start up companies reach success and maintain goals. He is extremely hands-on regarding the incubation of technology companies finding their place in the market. Hern shares that entrepreneurs face all sorts of failures that can be difficult to overcome. One in particular is macroeconomic conditions. He states that most businesses can be affected by these situations and it’s good to prepare for the worst.