A Unique Mastermind – Tobias Jaeger

Not many people who are in the field of business can brag about multilingualism abilities, multi-continent travel, and numerous leadership roles from an early age. Tobias Jaeger, however, is not one of those people. This mastermind speaks 6 different languages which include English, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, and German. He has visited 4 different continents or 43 different countries around the world. So, how did Jaeger get to do it all?


A Great Education

Tobias Jaeger started off by getting a solid education. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from 2 different universities. First, he completed his coursework at the Maastricht University, and then Texas A&M University. This enabled him to obtain a flawless foundation of his knowledge.


Early Endeavors

Even though he took his time to get a college diploma, Jaeger did not waste a second. His first business was created back when he was nothing more than a student. “Business Associates Europe” was a company that he created to help experienced consultants use college students for research purposes.

Upon graduation, he saw an opportunity in the worldwide famous game of Poker. Thus, the next business he took part in was facilitating an online poker platform where people can learn how to make money from the game.


Big Moves

One of the main achievements of Tobias Jaeger was him forming the “Entrepreneur Academy“, for the sole purpose of professional empowerment. The platform grew so substantially that many businessman and women from around Europe and the Middle East took part in the movement.


Next, Jaeger further improved his versatility by working in the movie industry. A successful project facilitated his role in the formation of “AXIOM Pictures”, leading European media for entrepreneurs.


Armed Forces of Germany

If business achievements of Jaeger are not far-reaching, his service to the German Armed Forces sure is. In 2006, he ended his service and co-founded another organization called “Support German Troops“. His credibility enabled the organization to raise hundreds of thousands of Euros and achieve a solid social-media following.


Life Now

Tobias Jaeger currently lives in Berlin with his wife and son. He is an avid proponent of factual decision making as well as human interaction. Healthy habits that he tries to obey is what keeps him productive in his line of work. Ultimately, Jaeger created many successful companies, and who know what his future might hold for him.


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